5th Grade


We would like to welcome all of you to our grade level web page. We are having an exciting year!  Communication between home and school is vital to the success of the education of your child. We hope to see you during the many events throughout the school year. In addition to attending events, we want to encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you might have. We look forward to working with you and your child.

*Thank you for the tissues!  Hopefully we have enough to get us through the
  school year now.  We really appreciate it!

What we are learning the week of March 27 - 31, 2017:

On Monday, students will write in their journals (topic of choice) and share, take their spelling pretest, and some students will have time to begin their DEUILI (language usage skills), however they have all week to complete and assess it.  We will sing our "Shake and Learn" songs to review grammar! :) 

On Tuesday, students will get their spelling pretests back and complete their practice activity.  They will identify parts of speech and parts of a sentence on their DGP (grammar practice) sentence and self-assess using the Lady Bug.  Students will develop their on-demand writing and self-assess it.  We will play the dictionary game for team points.  We will sing "Shake and Learn" songs and play the analogy game for team points. 

On Wednesday, students will work on their Latin roots (PORT is the root of the week) and practice locating words in the dictionary.  Students will edit their DGP sentence, identify its type, and self-assess it using the Lady Bug.  They will also develop their on-demand and self-assess it.  Students will sing "Shake and Learn" songs and play the dictionary game.  Spelling practice work is due today. 

On Thursday, students will complete a passage based on-demand writing which assesses their ability to use evidence from a passage to support their answer/opinion. 

On Friday, students will take their spelling test.  They will then summarize main ideas with details about what they visually observe via media. 

Spelling lists:
Everyone's words are might, mild, million, mind, minute
THEN, group A words are yellow, after, around, ate, away
Group B words are have, heard, help, hill, his
Group C words are dishes, does, doesn't, dollar, don't
Group D words are cracker, cream, creek, crooked, crow
Group E words are curb, cushion, darkness, decorate, delicious
Group F words are concern, condition, conduct, confuse, connection
Group G words are captive, caribou, cashier, catalog, caterpillar
Group H words are boredom, brochure, cabinet, calculation, calculator
Group I words are abacus, acquittal, adjacent, algorithm, amendment

REMEMBER:  Students may improve ANY grade at ANY time by seeing me at Bearcat Special time or taking the assignment home and correcting it or adding detail. 


Tomorrow students will be visiting the Book Fair during reading class! 

Students will continue to examine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person point of view. We will have a mini-assessment on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday we will have a quiz over the first three chapters of our class novel, Shiloh.

Reading fluency will be sent home today and due on Friday. Please ensure you are checking Infinite Campus to monitor your child’s grade.

This week in Math we will have our Spring Math MAP Test. We have from Monday - Wednesday during class to complete these. Anyone absent or not finished after that will complete the MAP test in a make-up session.

During class we have started our Geometry unit. In this unit we are focusing on classifying two-dimensional shapes according to their characteristics and attributes. We will be working to create "hierarchies" of shapes so we can give shapes ALL of the names that apply to them from the least to the most specific. We will have a TEST over our Geometry Unit on Tuesday, April 4th.

In Science, we are finishing up Plants and beginning Ecosystems. No quiz this week. 
Social Studies:
In social studies the students are creating a live action commercial to appeal to new immigrants of the 1700s by showing off their assigned colony’s best attributes.  We will have a test Friday the 31st over both sides of the key terms. 

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