5th Grade

What we are doing the week of February 24-28, 2020
* We always appreciate donated tissues and hand sanitizer.  The students go 
   through them quickly!

REMIND Sign up Info 
If you have not signed up for our team Remind texts, please do so! All of the 5th grade teachers will be using the same account to keep you abreast of what is happening in our rooms. You can choose to have it sent to your email, as well. Here is the link:  https://www.remind.com/join/wv5thgrade . We also send a weekly email so please double check that your current email address is on file in Infinite Campus. Along with the email, we post the newsletter on the 5th Grade Webpage.

 Writing with Ms. McNeil (planner/agenda book says "Language Arts")

*This week, we will write our creative journal entry on Monday and share it. We will share our journal entries on Tuesday and work on finish our Underground Railroad on-demand writing.  Students will define and analyze the Latin root MAL (which means "bad") on Wednesday and practice how to write dialogue correctly.   We will self-assess our on-demand writing and practice writing dialogue correctly on Thursday.  We will sing "Shake and Learn" to review the 8 parts of speech and review our spelling/vocabulary words (list #4) throughout the week.  The spelling/vocabulary test Friday, February 28th.  
1.  there
2.  their
3.  they're
4.  your
5.  you're
6.  appreciate
7.  desolate
8.  amiable
9.  sincerely
10.  Kentucky

Quizlet link to study is https://quizlet.com/487283016/spelling-list-4-flash-cards/

*Work ethic grades are earned by the level of completion, neatness, effort, and correctness.  If a student does not receive a 100 on a work ethic assignment, he/she is encouraged to read the comments  that I write on the paper, complete the assignment as directed, and turn the assignment back in to be regraded.  Journals and writings are assessed on the amount of critical and creative thinking, the details and feelings included, and the use of effective vocabulary, transitions, sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, and spelling.  When a student receives a "1" on their writing, that is equivalent to "novice" and will be a 69 (or below) in the gradebook.  A "2" is equivalent to a  "apprentice" and a "C", a "3" is "proficient" and a "B", and a "4" is "distinguished" and equivalent to an "A".  

*This year in writing we focus on letters, articles, and narratives.  We will improve our vocabulary and focus on writing complete, interesting sentences.  I will be encouraging students to use their "voice" in their writing, while including as much detail, feeling, and evidence as possible to back up their opinion or main idea.

Reading with Mrs. Schlimm
This week in reading class students will finish reading our class novel, Letters From Rifka. Students will also be focusing on the text structures cause and effect, and sequence while reading informational texts. The title of the homework for this week is Mary and Her Little Lamb. Extra copies of the homework are always available in the blue folder in the front of the classroom.

Help our classroom earn FREE books! When you place a Scholastic Book order, our class gets points to be used towards free books! Students will be given a brochure with books, or you can browse books at scholastic.com/bookclubs. If you do not already have an account you can create one for free. Connect your account with our class by entering the class code TJQDZ.

Follow Mrs. Schlimm on Twitter to see what is happening in our 5th grade reading classroom! @WV_MrsSchlimm

Math with Mrs. Heinrichs
This week we will be learning to multiply mixed numbers.

Science with Mrs. Angel 

In science, we are continuing our study of Earth’s interior and the Rock Cycle. We will have a quiz Thursday over the vocabulary. Here’s the link to the quizlet again: https://quizlet.com/73385962/geosphere-vocabulary-flash-cards/

Social Studies with Mr. Parmley
In social studies this week we’ll continue learning about the major events leading up the American Revolution and then the War for Independence.  Specifically, we’ll be diving into protests and conflicts such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party and how each event impacted the colonial economies as well as their ways of life.





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