5th Grade

What we are doing the week of January 8 - 12, 2018
*Due to the colder weather upon us, students will not be permitted outside
  for physical activity time without a winter jacket and pants.  Hoodies do not
  suffice for a winter coat.  Thank you for your understanding!

Students will complete their journal entry on Tuesday and share.  We will also take our spelling pretest on Tuesday, practice is due on Thursday, and test is Friday.  We will review the eight parts of speech in various ways to prepare for our test which is on Thursday, 1/11. Finally, we will create a study guide to review for our next Latin root test which is on CENT, CONTRA/COUNTER, DUC/DUCT, and FAC.  This test will be on Wednesday, 1/17.  We will be writing on-demands during RTI to practice letters and articles for our KPrep test. 

Spelling words
Everybody words:  field, fight, find, folks, four
A words:  three, toe, trick, trip, two
B words:  drink, dropped, duck, each, eight
C words:  candle, can't, card, care, carry
D words:  bridge, broom, brought, brushes, built
E words:  canyon, capital, career, carefully, carton
F words:  champion, chandelier, chapter, character, charm
G words:  authorize, avocado, await, awkward, bacteria

This week we will work on mastering word problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions. We will also be reviewing for our fractions assessment that will be on Friday. This assessment will have 8 multiple choice questions and an extended response.

Social studies
In social studies we will be learning about early Native Americans. This week we will focus on origin stories and how tribes specialized jobs to better survive

In science, we finishing up Atmosphere and beginning Hydrosphere. There will be a quiz next Thursday 1/19. Here’s a link to the quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_14ayg

This week in reading we will continue reading different non-fiction articles, and determining the main idea and supporting details. Students will also begin discussing different text structures of non-fiction texts.The unit 7 vocabulary quiz will be on Friday. The vocabulary words and Quizlet links can be found below.


Cores 1 and 3: accurate, alert, ancestor, disaster, elementary, envy, epidemic, feeble, penetrate, romp, staple, survive

            Quizlet link: https://quizlet.com/_482p4e

Core 2: accurate, alert, ancestor, disaster, elementary, envy

            Quizlet link: https://quizlet.com/_482o24

Core 4 and 5: barrier, calculate, compose, considerable, deputy, industrious, jolt, loot, rejoice, reliable, senseless, shrivel

            Quizlet link: https://quizlet.com/_4833fo


BookFest Reading List 2018


Booked / Kwame Alexander –realistic/poetry                                    Y PZ 7.5 A44 Bo 2016

The Scourge / Jennifer Nielsen—fantasy                                           Y PZ 7 N5673 Sc 2016

Soar / Joan Bauer—realistic                                                                Y PZ 7 B32615 So 2016

The Thing about Leftovers / C. C. Payne    (** Kentucky author)     Y PZ 7 P2942 Th 2016


Hour of the Bees / Lindsay Eagar—realistic                         Y PZ 7.1 E23 Ho 2016

The Wild Robot / Peter Brown—fantasy                               Y PZ 7 B81668 Wi 2016

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