2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA) Results for Walton-Verona Independent Schools

Elementary ReadingElementary Mathematics
33% Distinguished

24% Proficient
39% Distinguished

13% Proficient
Middle School ReadingMiddle School Mathematics
33% Distinguished

26% Proficient
34% Distinguished

13% Proficient
High School ReadingHigh School Mathematics
39% Distinguished

16% Proficient
28% Distinguished

11% Proficient

More information can be found on the Kentucky School Report Card (link to our district’s page).

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the upcoming school year opened on February 1st.
** All in-district registrations must be submitted via the online portal and all out-of-district applications must be submitted via email, as described below. **

Incoming kindergarten students must be 5 years old by August 1, 2024, as outlined by the Kentucky Department of Education. Under state law, children who are six years old by 08/01/2024 must be enrolled in and attend school.

To ensure that in-district students can begin school on our scheduled start-date, online registrations containing the minimum required paperwork listed below must be received by August 1st. Registrations lacking required documents or submitted after this time may have a delayed start-date. Out-of-district applications must be submitted by May 30th.

state-issued birth certificate is necessary for enrollment. If you do not have a copy, please order it NOW since processing times can be lengthy. Also, please schedule your medical appointments ASAP to collect each of the state mandated medical forms.

  • If you do not live in the Walton-Verona School District and are seeking enrollment, please skip to the paragraph below marked Required Paperwork as these documents will be needed if your application is accepted in August.
  • If you live in-district and your kindergarten-age child was attending preschool at our Early Childhood Center as of 01/01/24 or later, they are automatically registered for kindergarten. Please submit any outstanding documentation listed below under Required Paperwork to the ECC by May 1st and look for a March email from the district regarding the mandatory summer screenings mentioned below. 

If you live in-district and your kindergarten-age child does NOT attend our Early Childhood Center, please follow the guidelines given below and submit an online registration.

  • If you live in-district & already have a different child currently attending the Walton-Verona Preschool, Elementary, Middle, or High School, please select the Existing Families icon on our enrollment webpage to register your student(s).
    • Icon should look like this. 
  • If you live in-district and do not have any children who are currently attending one of the Walton-Verona Independent Schools, please select the New Families icon on our enrollment webpage to register your student(s).
    • Icon should look like this. 

** Important Note: when assigning emergency contact “relationships” online, please choose the LEGAL relationship as it pertains to the student. A parent/guardian who is not listed on the birth certificate must submit court documentation supporting the specified relationship.

Required Paperwork
: student’s STATE-ISSUED birth certificate (how to obtain a KY certificate), student's social security card (required for KEES, how to obtain), full custody agreement if one exists, EACH guardian's state-issued photo ID, each KY medical form obtained from a medical provider (Kentucky immunization certificate, KY health form found here, KY dental form found here & KY vision form found here), and your proof-of-residency within the school district boundaries. A valid proof-of-residency MUST be signed and dated by all involved parties and in one of the following forms:

(1) ALL pages of the house deed; or
(2) First page AND Signature page of the house settlement/HUD-1 statement; or
(3) FULL lease agreement naming the student as an occupant. If the lease is not in the guardian’s name, the student and guardian must be added to the lease; or
(4) If you live in-district with someone else who owns the residence, please submit EACH of the following as your proof-of-residency: homeowner's driver’s license, complete signed/dated house deed, and a full view of a current utility bill; or
(5) If you are an out-of-district applicant, a current utility bill will serve as your proof-of-residency.

Summer Screenings: The state of Kentucky mandates that students take the Brigance Kindergarten Entry Screener no more than two weeks before enrollment. After your in-district registration has been approved or out-of-district application has been received, you should receive a link by email to sign up for one of the testing days. Appointment days/times are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you would like to enroll a student but do not live within our district boundaries, you are required to apply for Out-of-District consideration by May 30th and you should NOT complete an online registration at this time. Our Out-of-District Application and additional information about the process can be found on the bottom half of our enrollment webpage (see link below). To apply, please send the following to the email address listed below: completed out-of-district application; each guardian’s state issued photo ID; student’s state issued birth certificate and KY immunization certificate; and if the child has already completed one year of kindergarten, each of the school records listed on the application are also required. Once reviewed, you should receive a link by email to sign up for the Brigance Screener which is a mandatory requirement for applicants. Please note; we have no way of knowing how many filled seats we will have until late August; therefore, you will not receive an acceptance or denial until a week before school begins. Please take this into consideration before applying.

Email for questions and out-of-district application submission: [email protected]

You can access our ENROLLMENT WEBPAGE by clicking this link

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