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Infinite Campus App
Access your (or your child's) schedule, grades, assignments and attendance data using the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal! This universal app gives students and parents the same instant access to their data using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. There are separate accounts for parents and students. Parents can contact the school for more information. Students can contact their schools Counselor for more information. When prompted for the district code enter PNBYCC. For more information visit the Infinite Campus app page on iTunes.
Infinite Campus Linked to Network Account
All student Infinite Campus Portal accounts have been linked to your network account. You will now use your network username and password to log into Infinite Campus Portal. If you use the Infinite Campus Portal Mobile App you will need to update your username and password on your mobile device app.
What do I do if I forget my password, login information or have other issues?
Send an email to Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Please include your name, student’s name(s) and phone number.
The Mirror
The Mirror is the official print newspaper of Walton-Verona Independent Schools and is produced quarterly. This publication is proudly produced by Journalism students at Walton-Verona High School under the supervision of Mrs. Jamiee Sampson. Learn more here.
Junior Achievement of Greater Cincinnati – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
Junior Achievement (JA) partners with business and educators to empower students with instruction on real world economics.  JA is seeking community volunteers willing to teach to one of our 1st-3rd grade classrooms a six lesson unit, curriculum provided and easy to use by JA,  here at WVES.  JA will hold a one-time training for all volunteers’ right here at our school. Please contact Jessica Iles at 485-4432 to volunteer or request more information. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up to volunteer. More information will be coming soon.
Intramural Basketball & Cheerleading Schedule
NOTE:  First practice/game has been changed to October 25th.  Practices and games are all done on Saturdays with practices being directly followed by game.
8:00 practice for all Kindergarteners (Cheer/Basketball), 1st/2nd grade girls basketball.  Game around 8:35.
9:10 practice for all 1st/2nd grade boys’ basketball and cheerleaders. Game around 9:45
10:20 practice for all 3rd/4th grade boys/girls basketball and cheerleaders.  Game around 10:55.