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MS PTSA and Kroger Community Rewards
Help support our MS PTSA as you do your regular shopping at Kroger. Through the community rewards program, when you list our schools code, Kroger donates 4% of what you spend to our PTSA. This money does not come from your pocket but rather directly from Kroger. That’s all there is to it. SO please consider taking the few minutes to log into Kroger’s website and list our school to receive the community rewards. For more information click here.
WVMS Veterans Day Celebration Photo Submission

The students and staff at WVMS are preparing for our annual Veterans Day Celebration on November 11, 2015.  We would love to recognize their service on this special day by sending them a personal invitation to the event and preparing a gift for them.  We appreciate your help in reaching out to as many Veterans as possible! Please see this photo submission form for more information.